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What is a Share?

Share drive space is space on the main file server that is allocated to a department on campus. This space can be used to store documents and host departmental web pages. Share drives can be accessed by many users.



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Document Storage:

Documents stored in the Share Drive are accessible by anyone who is listed in the Group for that Share Drive. All users have the same level of access to all documents and can read, write, and delete any files or folders located in the Share Drive. This space is good for storing documents that many people need to update or view. It can also be used to store backup copies of documents that are essential to the department as a whole. NOTE: NEVER RELY ON A SINGLE LOCATION TO STORE DATA THAT IS IMPORTIANT TO YOU.


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Access to Share Drives:

Access to Share Drives is controlled by Group settings. Any user placed in the Group for a particular Share Drive will have read and write access to all the content in the Share Drive. For this reason, requests to add or remove users from a Group need to be made in writing (either via e-mail or help request) from a department authority. Students can be added to a Group to access a Share Drive. Caution is advised when adding students as ALL data is able to be viewed and modified once the student is given access to the Share Drive. Review of the Group list should be performed at least once a year to make sure that only those people who continue to need access to the Share Drive have it.

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