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What is a Locker?

The Locker is space on the main file server that is given to every person with a UIndy account.This space can be used to store documents and host a personal web site.All files within the Locker count toward your Locker quota.Lockers can only be accessed by the associated UIndy account.Locker space is only available so long as the associated UIndy account is active.

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Document Storage:

Documents stored in the Locker can be accessed from any computer lab on campus.Documents in the Locker can also be accessed off campus via the Locker Manager tool from within My UIndy.Documents in the Locker, but not in the WWW folder, are only accessible by logging into either a lab computer or the Locker Manager tool.You may create as many additional folders as needed to organize your data.Locker space can be a good location to keep copies of documents that are important.NOTE: NEVER RELY ON A SINGLE LOCATION TO STORE DATA THAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU.

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