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Does UIndy support Outlook on University-owned Windows computers?

Information Technology will provide limited support for Outlook on university-owned, Windows computers: software may be installed by IT Help Desk staff; training, use and some maintenance tasks are the responsibility of the faculty or staff member using the application. 

The following details apply specifically to Outlook:

  • Outlook may be installed for Windows-based, university-owned computers, except lab computers.

  • Outlook will not be installed by default on any computer; installation of Outlook may be requested via  If requested, the Office suite on the computer will be upgraded to the latest edition and Outlook will be included.

  • Outlook stores all data in .pst files and .ost files. Unfortunately, these files can become corrupt over time and as they become larger.  Regular maintenance tasks are recommended to prevent data loss: 

    • It is the responsibility of the user to perform and maintain backups of the .pst or .ost files. Information Technology will not perform .pst or .ost backups.  Please see the following Microsoft FAQ for .pst/.ost backup instructions.

    • If a computer with Outlook installed is due for an upgrade, it will be the user's responsibility to perform the .pst or.ost file backup from the old computer and to perform the .pst or.ost restore process on the new computer.  Please see the following Microsoft FAQ for .pst/.ost restoration instructions.

  • Usage support for Outlook provided by IT Help Desk will be limited to connectivity.

  • Please see the following FAQ for instructions on connecting Outlook to Gmail.

Outlook and the full Office package installed on university-owned computers is procured and managed by Information Technology as part of a larger Microsoft campus agreement.

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