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Why do we need a print management system?

In its efforts to become environmentally responsible with a focus on sustainability, the University has been evaluating its reliance on paper and the creation of paper waste.  A print management initiative is the first step to significantly reducing UIndy?s ecological footprint and the impact its consumption makes on environmental resources. 


The implementation of a print management program does not mean the end of ?free printing? for students.  However, by no longer allowing ?unlimited? free printing, each student is asked to consider when it is truly necessary to print and what alternatives might be available.  This initiative also involves the broader academic community.  Deans, department chairs and faculty have been consulted and realize that they must also adopt new habits to help reduce the demand placed upon students for printed materials.


This past fall semester over one million sheets of paper were used via the print release stations.  This equates to approximately 126 trees and does not include other paper use across campus.  The cost alone for paper and toner for the public printers was $24,581.81.  The following printing data helps illustrate the crisis more succinctly:


Fall 2012 Summary Printing Info

August 20, 2012 to December 20, 2012


Number of unique users utilizing printing:


Total number of sheets used:



Percent of total Users

Number of Users

Number of pages or less, used per person













  • 2 users used more than 3,000 sheets during the semester
  • 7 users used more than 2,000 sheets during the semester
  • 105 users used more than 1,000 sheets during the semester
  • The most sheets used by a single individual was 3,905



















Without a print management program and with the addition of printers in the residence halls, paper waste and printing costs are expected to continue to grow.  Based upon collected data, approximately 85% of the student population would not be impacted by a print management program.  The program was developed with this information in mind and working with various constituent groups across campus, including Academic Affairs, the Learning Resources Committee of the Faculty Senate, the Sustainability Committee and Indianapolis Student Government.


For more information about the print quota program, please see the following FAQ.

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