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What am I seeing when I look at the Balance Total on a print release station?

When you look at the Balance Total on the Releasing Print Jobs screen on a print release station, you are seeing the total for both your Crimson Cash account and your printing balance.   When you print, the "cost" for printing is only deducted from the printing balance, providing you still have a credit available in that account. 

Print Release Balance Total is the total for both free printing and Crimson Cash

Managed Printing

  • Printing balance will be reset to $25 one week before classes start at the beginning of each semester/summer.
  • The balance is a fictional amount placed in each account so that print jobs can be deducted.  No refunds can be given from the printing balance.

Where to Add Crimson Cash to Your Card

  • Student Business Center, Schwitzer 207 (cash, check or credit card)
  • Accounting Office, Esch 151 (cash, check or credit card)
  • ValuPort stations in Schwitzer Student Center and Krannert Memorial Library (cash only; you also may check your balance at these stations)

Crimson Cash Policies

  • Your Crimson Cash balance will carry over until you are no longer enrolled at UIndy.
  • Crimson Cash balances are non-refundable. Due to this policy, we strongly encourage students to actively monitor their Crimson Cash balances.

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