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Why use 2-step Verification for UIndy Google Apps?

2-Step Verification is an extra security feature in Google Apps which is similar to what you may have used with other personal accounts.  After you have logged in with your username and password, you are asked for a code (sent to you via SMS or text) to access your account.  Enabling 2-Step Verification nearly eliminates the risk of unwanted individuals gaining access to your email or documents stored in Google Drive.

2-Step Verification provides added security as users begin to store more University documents and information in Google Drive. While we already enforce a secure password policy and mandate that everyone change their password every six months, we cannot prevent the exposure of a password if someone uses that same password for another account or if they respond to a phishing attempt.  In 2014, one single poorly worded phishing attempt included 1600 recipients and 90 of those recipients responded with credentials within the first four hours.  2-Step Verification nearly eliminates the threat posed by phishing attacks.  No, it doesn't help prevent data access in situations of lost or stolen devices, but that situation is much rarer than the number of phishing attempts that are thrown at the University on any given day.


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