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How do I update my department's website?

Depending on your web page creation and maintenance skill, and the time you have available to you, you have three options available:

Send updates to Web Services for them to perform

You may either send directions for what needs edited, added, or deleted via e-mail or printouts with edited text via campus mail, whichever seems easiest for explaining the changes.

If you have larger amounts of text that need to be added (paragraphs at a time instead of a word here or there), please type up the text needed in a Microsoft Word document or in an e-mail message and send it to Web Services via e-mail—Amber Weishaar (—indicating the page(s) to which the new text needs to be added.

Update frequently-changing portions of the site yourself

If you have information on your website that updates frequently (several times per week or month), you can contact Web Services to discuss the possibility of building some administrative features for your site, which would allow you to make the update to pre-determined places of the site yourself with little to no knowledge of HTML or specialized software. Typical administrative features include announcements and calendars.

A department head, director, or dean must send e-mail to Amber Weishaar ( giving approval for the individuals who will have access to make departmental website changes.

Make changes to the site yourself

Individuals with more advanced XHTML and CSS skills may wish to directly edit the departmental web pages instead. This will require accessing the pages through an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program and usually editting the pages with a web editor like Dreamweaver. Individuals wishing to have this level of access to their departmental web pages, must obtain permission from their department head, director or dean as described above.

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