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Can the IT Help Desk fix my personal computer?

The IT Help Desk will provide the support necessary on your personal device (e.g. laptop, smartphone, tablet) to ensure connectivity to the University's network, providing the issue is not hardware-related.  

IT Help Desk will assist with:

  • Virus/malware removal on computers - access to free software will be provided to client with instructions on how to complete process

  • Network connectivity

  • Installation of software on computers (client purchased) to the extent that the Tech will talk the client through installation process, but client will be doing the “hands-on” work

  • Set-up on mobile device limited to:

    • access to GSuite apps (email, drive, calendar)

    • WiFi connectivity

    • UIndy Mobile App access 

IT Help Desk cannot assist with:

  • Operating System issues or error messages indicating “Windows failed to start”  

  • Hardware failure

  • Computer will not boot  

IT Support Process:

Resolution, Step 1:  Client will be provided instructions and the following URLs to websites for anti-virus scans and Ccleaner, so they can perform these tasks on their own to see if that resolves issue:

If the issue can’t be resolved in a 15 minute walk-in appointment, the client will be given the option to schedule a 30 minute appointment (see Resolution, Step 2).  

Resolution, Step 2:  Client must make an appointment with a tech and remain with computer while work is being performed. If work cannot be completed within a 30 minute appointment, another appointment can be scheduled.  Work performed may include other virus scans and network troubleshooting protocol.

Resolution, Step 3:  Client will be referred to one of the following outside vendors for further assistance:

  • CDM Computers: 7340 E. Washington, St., Indianapolis 46219; (317) 788-7885

  • Best Buy Geek Squad: 562 W. Fry Rd, Greenwood 46142; (317) 881-0898

  • MacExperience: 6609 E. 82nd St., Indianapolis 46250; (317) 217-1610

Please note:  Due to liability concerns, under no circumstances will personal computing equipment be left at the IT Help Desk for any length of time.

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