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Will the voicemail stay on my phone once the voicemail email is sent to my UIndy Gmail account?

The voicemail will stay on your phone as long as it is in your UIndy Gmail inbox.

(Note: The light on your phone will turn off when all voicemail email has been read or all voicemail messages have been listened to via your phone.)

 Voicemails will NOT remain on your phone and the voicemail light will not be lit if:

  • You delete a voicemail from your phone (by pressing 3 after listening to the message); the voicemail email will also be deleted from your UIndy Gmail account
  • You archive or delete a voicemail email from your UIndy Gmail inbox. (Note: in the event that you delete an email accidentally from your UIndy Gmail, deleted email stays in your UIndy Gmail trash for 30 days before it is deleted permanently.)
  • You checked "Skip Inbox" when you created the Gmail filter for the sender/called, in which case the email skips your inbox and goes directly to the filtered folder in your UIndy Gmail account.
  • You move the voicemail email from your inbox to another folder in your UIndy Gmail account.

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