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Is "file sharing" legal?

  • What is File sharing?
    File sharing is a convenient way to share music, movies, and software via a network or through the internet.
  • Examples of software that provides access for file sharing:
    Limewire, BitTorrent, Kazaas, Bearshare, among others.
  • Is file sharing legal?
    The downloading of digital media without proper authorization constitutes a violation of copyright laws. 
  • Can I upload media for file sharing, even if I am not charging for it?
    If you do not have permission from the creator of the media, it is illegal to upload files to the internet even if you do not charge.
  • What are the consequences of illegally downloading media?
    If caught illegally downloading or uploading media over the internet, you could face up to five years in prison and/ or up to a $250,000 fine.
  • How will I be notified if I am in violation of copyright law using the University’s network?

    - You will be notified by the University by e-mail that your account has been locked because of illegal downloading.

    - You will receive a letter from the RIAA notifying you that violation and the possible consequences of it.

    - Your access to the network will not be restored until you respond to the letter or email you received from the University.
  • What should be done to prevent a prosecution if one has downloaded illegally in the past?
    Delete all illegally downloaded media, and software.  Secure your network, and speak to anyone who has had access to your machine or Internet connection to make sure that everything has been cleaned and secure.

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