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How can I see all of my devices registered on the network?

Each individual may have up to ten devices registered on the UIndy network.  

To see and/or make adjustments to all of your registered network devices:

  1. Access from any computer, phone, or other device registered on the UIndy network.
  2. Check the "I accept the terms" box, enter your UIndy username and password, and press the Login button.
    Register on the UIndy Network - My Devices - Authenticate 
  3. Click the Unregister button next to any device that you would like to unregister from the UIndy network. You may want to look up the MAC address of the device prior to coming to this page.
    My Devices - List of Registered Devices 
  4. The unregistered device will disappear from the list. 
  5. Click the Logout link when finished.

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