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How does Watchdog work to keep me informed?

Will I only be called and sent e-mails, or will I receive text messages as well?

It is possible to submit text messaging contacts to Watchdog so that you will receive Watchdog texts.

How does Watchdog work?

In the event of a campus-wide emergency or disruption in service, the University will use the phone numbers and email addresses you register to contact you, inform you of the situation, and give you further instruction.

In what kinds of situations will Watchdog be used?

For the time being, Watchdog will be used only in situations requiring broad notification of an interruption in operations, such as a snow closing, or an immediate threat to health and safety on campus.

How will the system be used in a real emergency (what kind of information will be sent to me)?

You will receive a brief email alert and phone message announcing the danger and what to do, for example:

  • A tornado warning has been issued.
  • Take cover immediately and wait for an all-clear message.

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